F - Achieving Results


These units are about how you as a manager can effectively deliver the business outcomes your customers expect.

Unit F Summary







UNIT F1 - Manage a project
This unit is about managing a project for which you have been given responsibility. This involves developing and agreeing a plan for the project and monitoring and controlling implementation of and changes to the plan. It also involves ensuring that the project achieves its key objectives and is completed to the satisfaction of the project sponsor(s) and any key stakeholders.


UNIT F2 - Manage programme of complimentary projects
This unit is about managing a specific programme of different projects which are independent but still depend on each other. Taken together, these projects will contribute to achieving a bigger strategic aim.


UNIT F3 - Manage business processes
This unit is about managing business processes to make sure the organisation delivers outputs that meet customers’ needs and stakeholders’ needs, and organisational and legal requirements.


Unit F4 - Develop and review a framework for marketing
This unit is about developing a framework which describes your organisation's customers and how your organisation intends to market its products or services (or both). This unit is for non-marketing specialists, and includes identifying where specialist expertise may be needed. 
The term 'customer' includes internal and external customers of the organisation or part of the organisation that the manager is responsible for.


UNIT F5 - Resolve customer service problems
The delivery of excellent customer service involves meeting and exceeding customer expectations. 
However, even if your customer service overall is excellent, some customers will experience problems. Part of your job is to help to resolve those problems. 
Some problems are reported by customers. In other situations, you spot the problem first and resolve it before your customer has even noticed that there might be a problem. 
For this Unit you need to resolve both types of problem having looked at all the options. 
This Unit is particularly important to customer service because many customers judge the customer service of your organisation by the way in which their problems are resolved.


UNIT F6 - Monitor and solve customer service problems

Your job involves delivering and organising excellent customer service. However good the service provided, some of your customers will experience problems and you will spot and solve other problems before your customers even know about them. 
This Unit is all about the part of your job that involves solving immediate customer service problems. It is also about changing systems to avoid repeated customer service problems. 
Remember that some customers judge the quality of your customer service by the way that you solve customer service problems. 
This Unit is all about how you impress customers by sorting out those problems efficiently and effectively.


UNIT F7 - Support customer service improvements
If you have chosen this Unit your organisation should be encouraging you to get involved with making changes to improve customer service. 
Organisations change the way they deliver service to their customers because customer expectations rise and other organisations improve the services they offer. 
Your job involves delivering customer service. If your organisation has decided to make changes it is your job to support them and to present them positively to your customers. Also, by listening to customer comments you may have your own ideas about how the service you deliver could be improved. 
In this Unit you need to show how you provide support for changes that your organisation has introduced. In addition, you need to present your own ideas for improvements to someone in your organisation who will be able to judge whether your idea has possibilities for change and improvement.


UNIT F8 - Work with others to improve customer service

When you are working with your customers you are not working alone. Behind or alongside you there are others involved in the process who impact on how well you can deliver your products or services. These individuals may be from within your organisation or from the outside. They may be: 

  • team members 
  • colleagues 
  • suppliers 
  • supervisors/managers/team leaders 
  • service partners 
  • manufacturers 
  • individuals from other departments 
  • individuals from other sites/regions/countries 
  • individuals from other organisations    

The delivery of excellent customer service depends on your skills and those of others. It involves communicating with others and agreeing how you can work together to give a more effective service. To achieve this Unit you must show that you have worked positively with others. You must also show how you have monitored your joint performance and changed the way you do things to improve customer service. 
This Unit is all about how you develop a relationship with others to improve your customer service performance. 
N.B. This is unit 3 from the Customer Service National Occupational Standards 
at level 3.


UNIT F9 - Build your organisation's understanding of its market and customers
This unit is about making sure that relevant and reliable information about the organisation's market and customers is constantly available and shared. 
The term 'customer' includes internal and external customers of the organisation or part of the organisation that the manager is responsible for.


UNIT F10 - Develop a customer focussed organisation
This unit is about ensuring that your organisation puts customers first. The organisation’s vision, values, processes and systems, for example, should all be clearly driven by and geared to satisfying customer needs. 
In this unit, 'customer' refers to both internal and external customers. 
For the purposes of this unit, ‘organisation’ can mean a self-contained entity such as a private sector company, a charity or a local authority or a significant operating unit, with a relative degree of autonomy, within a larger organisation.


UNIT F11 - Manage the achievement of customer satisfaction
This unit covers a broad range of general, operational management responsibilities, all aimed at satisfying customers with the processes, products and or services being delivered. 
The term 'customer' includes internal and external customers of the organisation.


UNIT F12 - Improve organisational performance
This unit is about overseeing the continuous improvement of the overall performance of the organisation. The emphasis is very much on identifying and implementing changes which will add value in the eyes of customers and other key stakeholders.