Licensing of the Management & Leadership National Occupational Standards

The Management and Leadership National Occupational Standards are available to be downloaded and used free of charge for educational use. If you are intending to use the standards within products or services that are sold to third parties however, you must obtain a license from the Management Standards Centre which sets out how you intend to use the standards.

If you are unsure of whether you need a license or not, you can contact MSC to discuss licensing issues via telephone on 020 7240 2826, or via e-mail at

A number of products and services have used the standards in recent years through MSC's licensing programme. These include the following organisations and products:

  • WashBox Ltd or WashBox Simulation (a PC Based Management Simulation);
  • Management and Performance Solutions Ltd for Performer Database;
  • Oakleaf Associates for an Assessment Resource Pack;
  • InfoBasis Ltd for Enterprise Skills Manager (ESM 4.5) database.

In addition, a large number of organisations have used the standards within their own structures without requiring a license, for example by using the standards to develop or assess their own competency frameworks, create job descriptions, undertake appraisals, or assess the skills of their workforce.

To apply for a license, please contact the, or to 3rd Floor, 2 Savoy Court, Strand, London, WC2R 0EZ.